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We stock a large supply of parts and components. Our parts are refurbished and warrantied to meet your satisfaction.


We ship parts domestically and inter-nationally.  We can also provide custom rebuilds.

GCA Steppers

We have parts for GCA stepper models which include: 4800, 6300, 8000, 8500, ALS, AutoStep & XLS.  

Semiconductor Equipment

We stock a wide array of parts, including a large assortment for GCA steppers and SSI wafertracks. Many of our parts are configured, tested, and warrantied to ensure your needs are met.


Contact us for help in identifying your parts needs. All SSI wafertrack models are supported including: System 1A, System 150/500, Scorpio, and OrbiTrak wafer coat and develop systems.

Contact US

Have inquiries regarding specific GCA stepper or photolithography wafer fab rication equipment?  Don't see what you are looking for or have questions?

Please call (512) 913-2781 or email us.

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