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These are just a few of our available GCA Steppers and Components.  All units are available for delivery and setup. 


Manufactured in 1991, the Auto-Step was the latest model of a series of GCA steppers that focused on the wafer plane by moving the lense in the Z-axis.

GCA 7500 XLS 2113.png

GCA Model 7500 - XLS - 2113

This 7500 GCA stepper  is configured with a Tropel 2955i reduction lens (4x, 29mm, .55na, 365nm)   

GCA Model ALS 1710.png

The ALS system was the 1st of its kind capable of handling 8” wafers.  This G-line stepper was built to last and has many advanced features that are unavailable on older GCA steppers.  

GCA Model ALS 1715 Image _.png

ALS stepper is fully automated and considered a workhorse by many current users.  Features include a DFAS local alignment system& metrology system designed for improved system matching.


Currently set up for 6" wafers but can be modified to automatically run 3"-8" wafers or modified to accepted wafer pieces or single chips.

Autostep 1815.jpg

Unique Features of this GCA stepper includes a Grumman type cabling system, a user friendly workstation, advanced metrology system for improved alignment and focusing. 

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