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GCA Stepper Descriptions

GCA Stepper, Auto-1838

This GCA Stepper was manufactured in 1991.  The AutoStep was the latest model of a series of GCA steppers that focused on the wafer plane by moving the lens in the Z-axis.  Unique Features of this GCA stepper includes a Grumman type cabling system, a user friendly workstation, advanced metrology system for improved alignment and focusing. This GCA stepper is an I-line system with Tropel 2145I high-precision optical reduction lens.

GCA Stepper, ALS-1713

This GCA stepper was manufactured in 1988.  The ALS system was the 1st of its kind capable of handling 8” wafers.  This G-line stepper was built to last and has many advanced features that are unavailable on older GCA steppers.  This GCA stepper has been refurbished by SCS for improved reliability and includes cleanroom space saving features uniquely designed by SCS.

GCA Stepper, ALS-1715

This GCA stepper was manufactured in 1988.  The sturdy G-line ALS stepper is fully automated and considered a workhorse by many current users around the globe.  Features include a DFAS local alignment system, IAS global alignment system, and a metrology system designed for improved system matching capabilities.

GCA Stepper, ALS-1717

This GCA stepper was manufactured in 1988.  This G-line GCA stepper is currently setup for the production of 6” wafers.  As with all of our GCA steppers it can be changed to automatically run 3” – 8” wafers or modified to accepted wafer pieces or single chips.

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