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GCA AutoStep – Model 1796


This GCA Stepper was manufactured in 1991.  The Auto-Step was the latest model of a series of GCA steppers that focused on the wafer plane by moving the lens in the Z-axis.  Unique Features of this GCA stepper includes a Grumman type cabling system, a user friendly workstation, advanced metrology system for improved alignment and focusing. This GCA stepper is an I-line system with Tropel 2145I high-precision optical reduction lens.

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The AUTO-STEP was designed to be user friendly and a production workhorse utilizing the Grumman style cabling system, N2 pressurized Tropel 2145i reduction lens (5X, 21mm, .45na, 365nm) with ACS (Atmospheric Compensation System), PPC piezo controlled reticle platen, ThetaIII fine stage used for precise substrate leveling, IQ (Intensity Qualifier) to monitor/adjust exposure energy and intensity, microDFAS (off axis local alignment) and INSITU artifact for automatic stepper setup of best focus, magnification, trapezoid, rotation and local registration. This model has improved stage interferometer sampling for tighter overlay requirements. The Auto Wafer Handler accommodates and prealigns 3″ to 8″ wafers and the 8″ stages allow improved access to front of stage for manual load of non-standard size products (piece parts, plates, odd size substrates, etc). This stepper is perfect for startup companies and R&D because of its wide range of substrate capabilities and ease of conversion. It has also proven to be a great stepper for full blown production lines as well because of its ease of automatic SETUP and microDFAS MATCH utilities which do not require processing wafers to keep stepper optimized and matched to all other steppers in the line.

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